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"Music can only run with the fuel of ceaseless passion. . ."


. . .This strongly resonates with MELTEM, who started singing at the age of four. She always stood out as a musically talented child and performed in front of people from a young age. This has shaped her into a natural singer with honest expression and genuine self-confidence.


MELTEM is mostly known for being from the heart and versatile. Specialising in the rock & metal genres, she can be easily distinguished with her mature tone, power and solid vibrato. Her most prominent style is working on contrasts, using deep and dark tones as a basis to let her lighter side shine through. She is focused on emotionally charged melodies as well as being a tasteful performer of raw rock tones and screams.​ 

MELTEM’s stage presence is engaging and transmits energy and passion to people. Her live performances are described as energising and mood lifting. Her ballad performances create emotional triggers and have cathartic effect on her listeners.​ As a firm believer in the power of music, authenticity is her key priority.  MELTEM is an empowering figure, especially in the London rock music scene, inspiring more women to become rock singers. She is also influential for young audiences by passing on her knowledge of non-mainstream music with her choice of rare covers.


MELTEM has celebrated several milestones in her singing career. She has had the thrilling experience of touring with Eric Martin of Mr. Big, one of her musical idols. In addition to having received the blessing of the legend, she has the unmatched privilege of receiving his ongoing support.


She has shared the stage with Doro Pesch, the world’s most famous female heavy metal star, and has performed a live duet with her. She has also done a casual, fun duet with Joe Lynn Turner.

She has performed Iron Maiden songs in front of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. She had this honour when she performed in Sarajevo, Bosnia with Chris Dale, who played a monumental gig there with the Bruce Dickinson band during the war in 1994. The event also marked the release of Dickinson’s award-winning movie Scream for me Sarajevo. MELTEM received great compliments from Dickinson when she attended his Honorary Citizen Award Ceremony.

She has also supported world class bands such as ZZ Top, Scorpions, Megadeth, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row in major European festivals.




MELTEM'S artistic endeavour is founded upon the core values of dedication and respect, with a mission to reach out to as many hearts as possible, and a vision to energise and heal souls through flawless musical performances.

MELTEM is currently working on her original music. You can catch her regular performances in London’s most popular rock & metal covers bands Shot Through the Heart and Metalworks. She has Challenging Vocal Performances video series on YouTube where she highlights different vocal techniques. She holds a yearly birthday special gig Mel-Fest and does occasional shows with Eric Martin


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